Frequently Asked Questions (General)

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1. If I am sued, do I have insurance and will I have a lawyer?

An employee of KSU who is sued for actions related to his or her job will be defended by the Georgia Attorney General's Office (with the assistance of KSU's Legal Affairs Office), and the state insurance fund will pay for the defense and any judgment that might be awarded. However, if the lawsuit is a result of the KSU employee's violation of law or University policy, then there may not be insurance available or an attorney provided.

2. If I sign a letter or invoice so that I might obtain needed supplies or equipment, does that create a problem?

Only certain people at the University have the authority to sign contracts or to purchase supplies or equipment. If you sign and are not authorized, it might be your personal responsibility to pay for the supplies or equipment out of your pocket.

3. If another University wants to pay me to perform work for them similar to the work I do here at KSU can I do so?

It depends. All outside activities for pay require approval from your supervisor, and your supervisor will consider things like whether this proposed job is a conflict of interest with your KSU work or whether it will detract from your obligations to KSU. There is also a state law that prohibits you from doing work for another Board Regents' institution or State of Georgia agency unless certain steps are taken in advance.

4. I need to have a document notarized. Where can I find a notary on campus?

The Division of Legal Affairs has 2 notaries available on campus for your convenience. IMPORTANT NOTE: Photo I.D. must be presented, showing signature of affiant (e.g. state issued driver's license), who must sign document(s) to be notarized in the presence of the notary. The document(s) to be notarized cannot be pre-signed, or it/they will not be notarized.

5. I just received an open records request, subpoena, letter from a lawyer, lawsuit, or other legal document. What should I do?

Forward it to the Division of Legal Affairs immediately along with your contact information. Call us at (770) 499-3562 or fax us at (770) 420-4410 with the details of the request and your contact information. For more information visit our Open Records page.

 6. How do I find a personal attorney?

The Division of Legal Affairs cannot provide legal advice or representation to members of the University community in connection with matters against the University’s interests or with any personal matters. If you are interested in finding an attorney to represent you in a personal matter, the following resources may be helpful.