Effective Tuesday, January 16, 2018, the university's Contract Compliance department, within Fiscal Services, is the department responsible for managing the university's contracting process. Contract Compliance is the initial point for receiving contract review requests or requests for new contracts, and insuring that all applicable approvals (including the legal review and approval) will be obtained prior to execution of the contract by the appropriate signing authority. Legal Affairs reviews the legal terms and conditions of contracts in coordination with Contract Compliance, other reviewing departments, and the department that initiated the contract review request.

Contract Approval and Signature Authority Policy:

For more information about the process and how to submit contracts for review, please visit Contract Compliance at:

Letter to Contractors/Vendors Regarding Legal Issues Related to KSU Contracts
This letter explains to contractors, vendors, and other parties the most common legal issues that frequently need to be addressed in proposed contracts provided to KSU by external parties. KSU will request modifications to certain terms and conditions if these issues exist in the contract. The letter can be shared with external parties as needed:

Questions regarding the new contracting process should be directed to the Contracts Office at or (470) 578-6214.